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Few of us will have the opportunity to create our ‘dream kitchen’ more than once, so it’s incredibly important to know that what you choose will stand the test of time. Whether your preference is for contemporary clean lines or a modern twist to a more traditional style, here are our top 5 tips for ensuring that what you love now will still ‘wow’ in a few years time.


1. Current trends are for pale, neutral tones of beige, grey and white with either natural wood accents or bold pop colours. Whilst it's exciting to consider the latest design influences when planning your new kitchen, remember that it's far easier to update a feature wall or accessories than it is to replace bold colour door fronts or distinctive units. If you want to refresh your kitchen, you can add accent colours through soft furnishings, feature art pieces and dramatic floral decorations. 


2. Integrated appliances not only make your kitchen look larger and tidier, hiding away the dishwasher and fridge will remove the decision as to which colour or finish appliances to go for. Fashions change and the look of your appliances can date the age of your kitchen.


3. It goes without saying that well built, premium quality units and appliances will last longer and look better for longer than their budget equivalents. Innovative products such as Silestone worktops, which are not only scratch resistant but offer impressive stain, acidity and impact resistance too, will still look like new for years to come. Where possible, try to select the best that you can afford.


4. When planning your kitchen, it is critical to consider all the ways in which the space needs to work for you. Our busy lives mean that so often our kitchens are not only a room to cook and eat in, but need to serve as family space, work environment and, if you’re a party person, then an entertaining space too. Thinking ahead to accommodate the future needs of everyone in your household will result in a longer lasting kitchen that continues to be perfect for you for years to come. 


5. Choose a kitchen that you love! Your personal preference is unlikely to change as often as fashion and trends do, and there’s nothing more disappointing that living with something that you chose because you thought you should, rather than because it was what you really REALLY wanted!



For more information on kitchen design and how to renovate your tired kitchen into a stunning new room with a kitchen makeover, please contact Angela Bower at The Kitchen Design Workshop on 01789 459013 or visit

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