Transform your kitchen with a makeover

Kitchen makeovers offer dramatic home improvement without any of the stress of having a new kitchen fitted. Read about how we transformed this tired kitchen into a fantastic social space for all the family to enjoy.

When you want a new kitchen but there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with your existing kitchen units, it can seem unnecessary to completely rip out what’s already there. Not to mention expensive and disruptive. That’s when kitchen makeovers really come into their own; completely changing the look and feel of a space by simply changing the doors, drawers, worktop and tiles. 


Motivated by two big family birthdays and a calendar full of celebrations, that’s exactly what a family in Bidford decided to do. “I’d grown to really dislike the dark and dated tiles, and the kitchen units in front of the window had faded in the sunshine. It was time for a change.” 


Having found KDW in a local newspaper, they decided to give them a call. “These companies never ring back or it takes a week, but Angela rang back in about 10 minutes and came to see us that day. She was very positive saying ‘yes we can do that, yes we can do this’ and I thought ‘there’s no way they can do all that just by changing the doors and worktops’. But she came up with the designs and we loved what she suggested. We had an idea of what we wanted, to change the colour and have new tiles to make it a lot more modern. It’s really light and bright now, we love it.”


Whilst the old kitchen was worn and dated looking, the existing layout was effective and the kitchen units themselves were in good condition. Removing a wine rack and end display unit to make space for conveniently placed deep pan drawers were the only changes to the structure of the kitchen. “The new pans drawers are great for storage and really usable because you can get to the back without having to reach in.” 



“I’m not a cook-cook, but having got the new kitchen it has become a pleasure to cook and I’m looking forward to cooking more. The old oven was absolutely awful but the new one is brilliant, and the induction hob is totally different, I love it. You have to have special pans but it’s instant - like cooking with gas but without the flame. And it’s so clean too, you just wipe it. My husband hadn’t seen it before and couldn’t believe it when I put some eggs on to boil, you don’t have to wait, you can see it straight away, it’s amazing, I love it!”


The light, bright feeling of the kitchen has been further enhanced by spot lights placed in the plinth beneath the base units, which reflect off the black tile floor to bounce further light around the south facing room. And the worktop? It positively sparkles!  The incredibly durable Silestone quartz surface is scratch proof, heat proof, stain proof and anti-bacterial; perfect for a hard working family kitchen that loves to party.



“We’ve had lots of celebrations and people here. The kitchen has been great, we all congregate in the kitchen to drink and chat and then it flows naturally through to the extension. We removed the doors and made it part of the house. Our new kitchen looks amazing, our friends don’t believe it’s the same room! And it works really well as a family space; I can be working at the table and the boys come in and we’ll have a chat. We spend all our time in here now.”. 


For more information on kitchen design and how to renovate your tired kitchen into a stunning new room with a kitchen makeover, please call us on 01789 459013

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