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Kitchen Design Trends: Texture and Touch

Kitchen Trends: Texture and Touch


When planning home renovations, we look towards industry trends to help us make up-to-date style choices that will last without getting caught by fads that soon become dated. So what’s new? Today’s kitchen design is all about texture and touch.



Q. How are kitchen design trends changing?


A. All in the name of research (mostly!) we’ve been busy visiting exhibitions and trade shows across the country to discover the latest kitchen trends. We travelled to Austrian kitchen manufacturer Intuo to see their new range of materials, and we’ve toured Vienna and Poland in pursuit of inspiration and innovation. What did we find? Inspired by so much more than just the stunning scenery and architecture, we discovered exciting new kitchen products and materials such as soft-touch vinyls and super strong ceramics in rough, rustic effects and distressed textures.



Q. Is ceramic a new material in kitchen design?


A. In terms of furniture and work surfaces, yes. Although it has been around for centuries, the latest manufacturing processes now create a ceramic surface that is not only incredibly robust and durable but infinitely versatile too. These new ceramics are scratch resistant and far less prone to thermal shock or chemical damage. Plus the way in which they are made allows us to create new finishes and effects such as the distressed rust which is effortlessly cool.



Q. What other materials should we expect to see?

Our showroom is bursting with exciting new samples, and it’s not just ceramics that are changing the face of kitchen design. The new range of soft touch vinyls are incredibly tactile and hard wearing with a satin finish that doesn’t fingermark, so they stay looking gorgeous for longer!


Fans of high-gloss units will love the Piano Gloss finishes of our über reflective lacquered doors and drawers. Both matt and gloss finish glass doors are available in a delicious variety of colours and tones, which when used on handleless units create an overall look that is minimal and sleek.


If you’re lucky to have a kitchen that is flooded with natural light, you could indulge in a warmer look using materials inspired by nature. A slate veneer will draw on the season’s powdery grey palette and natural hues, or there’s a fabulously authentic rough sawn wood finish that would enrich your home with reddish browns and rustic charm. We also love the new range of concrete doors and drawers which are strikingly urban. All create texture and interest and are incredibly tactile and practical too. There really is something new and exciting for everyone.



Q. Is there anywhere we can see these for ourselves?


A. In our showroom! We fell so much in love with the contemporary feel of the ‘Oxydo’ which has a rusted finish that we’ve decided to remodel part of our showroom in Shipston on Stour. The warm, distressed look will be complemented by the new Dekton Trillium ceramic work surface. We’re really looking forward to it and will of course keep you posted when it’s finished!



Q. What about the actual cooking, anything new?


A. Modern kitchens are steam kitchens with most ovens now offering a steam bake function. Steam tech may have been around for a while, but steam cooking is fast becoming a mainstay for home cooks too. We’d say it’s certainly here to stay.


And much like in other parts of our lives, connectivity is emerging in kitchen tech. For example, the ‘My AEG’ app enables you to adjust cooking temperatures, switch functions and see inside your AEG ProCombi Plus Smart Oven via your mobile device. It will even send you alerts when it’s time to get actively involved in the cooking process.


As part of our showroom refit, we’ll also be installing a BORA hob which provides an impressive 100% clean rate - completely revolutionising kitchen extraction as we know it. With a built in extractor on the hob plate, cooking odours are drawn away directly from the pan before they reach the airspace around the chef. Effective extraction is critical in combined living spaces which continue to be ever popular. Nobody wants soft furnishings or living spaces to be contaminated by what’s going on in the kitchen. Plus it’s noiseless too, no louder than a steak sizzling. Quite amazing.



Q. And for the future, what might come next?

Who knows, worktops that we can cook on perhaps? If induction hobs are made of glass, then the principle may well apply. At the rate that technology advances, I’d say that anything is possible!



For more information on kitchen design and how to renovate your tired kitchen into a stunning new room with a kitchen makeover, please contact Angela Bower at The Kitchen Design Workshop on 01789 459013 or visit www.kitchendesignworkshop.co.uk

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