How to declutter your kitchen

Clearing out the clutter will instantly make any kitchen appear bigger; it’s amazing how much ’stuff’ we have in our kitchens that we simply don’t need. If regaining control of your kitchen cupboards feels like a herculean task, try turning the problem around and ask yourself ‘if I was moving house, what would I definitely want to take with me?’.

Here are a few tips to help get your started.


1. Tidy up time.

Set aside a decent block of time to really get stuck in, so you won’t have to leave the job half finished.


2. Identify your problem area. 

Are you a hoarder, or maybe you can’t resist a bargain? Have you got too many unused gadgets, or a cupboard full of half packs of disposable party decs. Whatever the issue, consider how you want to tackle the issue, then go for it!


3. Divide and rule. 

Set aside three clear areas for sorting your kitchen wares; things you’re going to keep, things to sell or donate, and things to be thrown away. Giving unwanted things to friends or a charity shop will ease your conscience about being ‘wasteful’ if something is in great condition or still has plenty of life left in it. 


4. Clean and empty. 

Sounds daft, but if you’re hoping to give your whole kitchen a complete overhaul, then make the most of your cupboards being empty by giving the inside shelves a really good clean. You can either do all the cupboards in one go or a section at a time, depending on how much time and space you have available.


5. Reunite items

If you come across a host of ‘bits’ when you’re sorting that belong with another item or in another room, put them to one side to be reunited with their owners at the end. Don’t be distracted to go scurrying off around the house every time you find something that doesn’t belong in your kitchen.


6. Sentimental items

Just because something was a wedding gift, it doesn’t mean that you’re obliged to keep it forever. Decide how sentimental you want to be, but don’t rush into discarding anything that hasn’t been used in a while. Allow yourself precious luxuries and listen to your heart, you don’t want to regret hastily selling anything at a later date. Consider all seasons and occasions as whether you’re likely to want to use something again.


7. Check the sell by dates! 

You’ll be amazed by what’s lurking in the back of your cupboards that should have long since been thrown away!


8. Storage solutions

Deep drawers and pull out storage solutions make use of every available bit of storage space. Alternatively sort things into plastic baskets or tubs for neater cupboards and easier access to your things.


9. Liberate your worktops

Where possible, find cupboard space for anything that you don’t use daily. Bulky gadgets take up precious worktop space and make the area look cluttered. Wall mounted utensil racks are a useful alternative if you’re short on drawer space.


10. A place for everything, and everything in it’s place

Clearly defining your storage zones will make things easier to find, and your kitchen a more pleasurable space to work in.




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