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With years of experience in kitchen design and with her own effortless style, Angela Bower was recently interviewed for Crumbs magazine to discover the art of kitchen design in the Cotswolds. Sat around the sumptuous central kitchen island of their fully functioning Shipston-on-Stour showroom, we were seduced by the chic surrounds as we sampled what I’m sure must be the best coffee in town. A designer Swiss integral coffee machine in our own homes? Yes please!


Q. What are the most important things to consider when designing/redesigning a kitchen or dining space?

Without a doubt, the most important thing is to consider the way that you live and identify how you plan to use your kitchen. Are you an avid cook who loves to entertain guests and would love to create a social space to share with family and friends? Or perhaps your dream kitchen is a place that works hard to accommodate your busy home work balance. Whatever your lifestyle, your kitchen is entirely personal to you, and with smart planning it can achieve practicality, beauty and well deserved indulgence too.

We love spending time with our clients to understand their needs and desires to create a kitchen that will surpass their expectations. Close your eyes and tell us what you'd love to see in your dream kitchen. Most people spend more waking time in their kitchen than any other room of the house so don't be afraid to be selfish, be honest and be sure that every feature works for you. 


Q. What are the key looks we should be trying to emulate/be inspired by this autumn/winter?

Our kitchens are elegant and timeless, but if you want your home to reflect the seasons then it's easy to bring accent colours into your kitchen through soft furnishings, feature art pieces and dramatic floral decorations. 

It's exciting to consider the latest design influences when planning your new kitchen, but remember that it's far easier to update a feature wall or your kitchen accessories than it is to replace bold colour door fronts or distinctive units.   

Current trends are for pale, neutral tones of beige, grey and white with either natural wood accents or bold pop colours; a palette that applies equally well to clean, contemporary lines as it does with kitchens that bring a modern twist to traditional style. 

Glass splash backs have been popular again this year and are a fantastic way of adding colour. Apart from being available in a variety of colours, they're so easy to remove that you could go for a clear or frosted glass and paint behind it yourself as often as you wish. And you can make it personal too; we've seen some really imaginative uses of glass splash backs where clients have displayed photographs, wallpapers, even their children's artwork behind the protective casing.


Q. Does the local architecture to the Cotswolds affect the type of design we should go for?

We're fortunate to live and work in such a beautiful part of the country, with a wealth of local architecture amidst a rural landscape that never fails to inspire. There's so much that we can draw from our surroundings to bring the outside into our homes and complement the fabric of these gorgeous traditional stone buildings with stunning interior design. 

If yours is a period property, then a kitchen that’s sympathetic to its heritage will potentially date less quickly than a modern installation. But interior design doesn't necessarily have to match the exterior facade. We've created breathtakingly ultra modern spaces in traditional surroundings, but likewise have designed classic country style kitchens in contemporary homes. Architectural contrast can be incredibly exciting, it's all about achieving the right balance.


Q. What local restaurant or bar has an interior design that you love, and how would you recommend we replicate the look at home?

The reason many of us fall in love with a particular venue is because we've found a place makes us feel a certain way; be it comfortable and relaxed, bright and shiny and inspired to socialise, or cocooned in warmth to escape from the world. Employing professional designers can help you achieve all this and more in your own home. We're lucky to have the Fuzzy Duck in Armscote as our local pub and love the rustic charm and understated luxury of the bar. But our favourite place to unwind with a bottle of wine after a busy day is our own kitchen. Who needs to go out, when you've got everything you need at home?



For more information on kitchen design and how to renovate your tired kitchen into a stunning new room with a kitchen makeover, please contact Angela Bower at The Kitchen Design Workshop on 01789 459013 or visit

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