What's your perfect kitchen style?

Contemporary or traditional twist, Deco, shaker style or flat panel, handle-less or ornate pulls; with such a variety of kitchen styles available, how do you choose the kitchen design that’s right for you?

Your new kitchen is an exciting investment and one that you’ll live with for a number of years, so it’s important that you’ll be as happy with your choices in a the future as you are now. It would be near impossible to choose one outfit to wear everyday between now and then, that would accommodate your changing mood and occasion, and the same applies to your home interior. Not to mention the considerations of functionality, budget and lifestyle. But fear not, working with professional designers can help you navigate the myriad of choices and eliminate the stress of making the ‘wrong’ choice.


Professional designers can help identify your personal style. By detecting elements from a favourite piece of artwork or furniture, for example, an experienced designer can develop the characteristics of that thing you love into a whole room design, which can be carried through further into in your home. As consumers, we make multiple style choices every day and consideration of how we dress, our choice of accessories, home style and hobbies, we can establish a great starting point for your attitude to a lot of design decisions.


The age and style of your home can also influence your new kitchen design. A period property could be enhanced with a traditional style kitchen, but don’t overlook the option of something juxtaposed to the natural fabric of the building. Likewise the layout of the room can influence things like design symmetry or the viability of a kitchen island, for example.


As the room in which we spend more waking hours than any other part of our homes, it’s very important to think about how you want your kitchen to make you feel. To some people, distressed materials and warm colours are the epitome of a welcoming environment, whereas others feel more relaxed surrounded by cool colours and clean lines. Would an über modern design inspire you to be more adventurous with your cooking, or intimidate you not to leave a thing out of place? Perhaps you feel comfortable with soft colours and feminine fabrics, or maybe bold colours and geometric patterns are more your style.


Consider contrasts; coupling traditional style with modern glass splash backs and worktop materials can create a highly individual overall effect. Hard lines and reflective surfaces can be eased with soft furnishings and lighting. If you’re struggling to choose a single cabinet style, then a careful balance of colours and textures can create interest and variety in your room design.


Whilst it can be exciting to explore current trends, these can very quickly date your kitchen design. It’s much easier to refresh your look through the use of accessories and soft furnishings, which allow you to make seasonal changes that suit your mood or occasion.


Are you excited by a bit of sparkle, or is a flat matt surface more appealing? Natural surfaces or engineered innovation? Mix it up by creating interesting combinations and have fun with textures to create a home style that’s personal to you.


Do you enjoy foods from far flung shores and like the idea of international influences in your kitchen design, or would you prefer your kitchen cabinets to reflect your home grown style? Also consider how you like to entertain; seated gourmet for a select few, or standing room only for a buffet with a houseful of friends and family?


With so many options available, at Bower Willis Designs we will take the time to understand your style preferences to ensure that every element of your kitchen design is absolutely right for you. After all, it’s your dream kitchen we’re creating.



For more information on kitchen design and how to renovate your tired kitchen into a stunning new room with a kitchen makeover, please contact Angela Bower at The Kitchen Design Workshop on 01789 459013 or visit www.kitchendesignworkshop.co.uk

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